Friday, 4 December 2015

Dysartes vs. The Warlock - Round 3

I believe it is high time to delve into the mountain once more - Firetop Mountain, that is. I've been playing my way through the first Fighting Fantasy book, Warlock of Firetop Mountain in stages (Part 1 - Part 2). Having given the dungeon a little time to catch it's breath, I'm now ready to pick up the challenge again.

These books provide a basic roleplaying experience, without the hassle of getting a group together. A book, a piece of paper for notes, and a couple of dice, and away you go...

When last I ventured into the Warlock's dungeon, I'd ended up finding myself washed up on an underground river, and looking to head further north. I'm fairly sure I've gone off track somewhere, and this will cost me by the time I meet my inevitable demise, but let's see how much further I can get before that happens.

At the end of my last session, my character sheet looked a bit like this:

Current Luck [Max]12 [12]
Current Skill [Max]10 [10]
Current Stamina [Max]17 [17]
Meals remaining8
  • 38 gold pieces
  • Bronze key with 99 engraved upon it
  • One use Potion of Invisibility
  • Potion of Stamina - two doses
  • 1 black glove
  • A bow with a single silver arrow, in a case with an inscription
  • A piece of sweet-smelling Cheese
Spells knownDragonfire, thanks to Farrigo di Maggio

As I noted above, our humble and nameless protagonist was last seen sat on the northern bank of a fast-flowing underground river (room location 7). Time for him to wake up again and start to get a move on...
214I've apparently got three options open to me - a passage to the north-west, a heavy wooden door leading north, and a trail following the river to the east. Following my earlier logic, I try to open the door.
104Another unmarked passageway, with a door to the north. What's behind door number 2?
49Someone forgot to turn on the lights in here - then our protagonist's lights go out... [-2 STA]
122I come to in a square room, with exits to the north and south - oh, and four tattered grey-skinned people who don't seem to show much initiative. Time to draw my sword, I think, though my head hurts...
282Hack, and slash. Hack, and slash. Despite a throbbing head, I managed to defeat the Zombies without taking any damage.
115Weapons on the walls, barrels around the room, and a body on the floor - when in doubt, check the dead body first...
313Well, the dead guy isn't getting any better. He does have some gear that might be useful. Some of it matches what I already have, but the crucifix could come in handy, while the sword looks well-made.
170Solid silver crucifix? Not bad, not bad.
319Now to look at the second item.
221Anything interesting about the sword?
27Cool! Magic sword! I'll take that [+2 MAX Skill, +2 Skill]
319Finished investigating. Let's move on...
81A noise! Time to head north - though I have no idea where I am now.
205A crypt? No thanks. I'm heading west.
380I head west to a crossroads.
37North, south or west? Let's continue west.
11Animated tools? I know at least one member of my Pathfinder group who'd run screaming. Still, a good time to take a breather. [+2 STA] After catching my breath, I head back to the crossroads and go north.
366I follow the passage north, then as it curves east. When I find a small opening in the wall to the north, I duck through.
89Time to head down the staircase.
286Great, more dead bodies. Time to start searching.
294Can't argue with a little pocket change off a corpse. [+5 Gold Pieces]
275Gah! One of them isn't quite so dead. Fortunately, my Luck holds, and I manage to dodge the swipe. [-1 Luck]
230A Ghoul now? Seriously?
390Fortunately, my new blade helps me make light work of it. I manage to avoid its claws and cut it down. [1 Luck, earrings worth 1 GP]
393Time to quickly loot the last body - more cash, a bottle of liquid, and a piece of parchment. [+8 Gold Pieces]
212A map of some sort, though hard to read.
120I don't feel like testing mystery liquids right now, so I leave the room, heading north. Up some stairs, and into a new passageway.
197I follow the passage to the east, before a portcullis drops down behind me. Time to look for options...
295Unfortunately, no secret doors - and the search has lured some form of wandering monster to me!
161And looking for me we have... a Gremlin. A little bit of swordplay later, and it is an ex-gremlin, now pining for the fjords...
48Another corridor, this time heading east or west. I feel like going east, where the passage bends to the north.
391I head north, keeping an eye out for hidden passages.
362Ooh! A secret door!
177I go through the secret door...
175...and walk forwards to a crossroads.
267I'm going to continue heading west.
79A dead end? Well, I'm in a secret passage, maybe there's a door.
137Another trap? Wurble-wurble... *slump*
354Now where am I? Another passage?

Not a bad spot to leave it for the night, methinks. I've dealt with more creatures, found more Gold, and acquired a magic sword. On the other hand, someone hit me over the head, so I have no idea of where I am compared to my initial map. Especially after the trap in the penultimate room.

I've done a quick count, and between my three sessions, I've now explored over a quarter of the book. I have the feeling the secret passage has dropped me in the maze, so we'll have to see next time how long it takes me to get somewhere near the plot again...

Here's the updated character sheet.

Current Luck [Max]12 [12]
Current Skill [Max]12 [10+2(sword)]
Current Stamina [Max]17 [17]
Meals remaining8
  • 51 gold pieces
  • Bronze key with 99 engraved upon it
  • 1 use Potion of Invisibility
  • Potion of Stamina - 2 uses
  • 1 black glove
  • A bow with a single silver arrow, in a case with an inscription
  • A piece of sweet-smelling Cheese
  • Solid silver crucifix worth 4 GP
  • Magic sword (+2 Max Skill)
  • Pair of earrings, worth 1 GP
  • Map of "The Maze of Zagor"
  • Unknown bottle of liquid from the Ghoul (location 393)
Spells knownDragonfire, thanks to Farrigo di Maggio