Wednesday, 6 January 2016

And it begins again...

Morning all - just wanted to put up a quick post wishing everyone a belated Happy New Year, and to take a quick look at my plans for 2016.

I'll be continuing to post elements of the two main article series I've worked on in 2015 - Dysartes vs. the Warlock, and Finding a Path - as well as introducing some new material, including:

  • Taking a look at games designed with a single-player mode, starting with Space Hulk: Death Angel, by Fantasy Flight Games
  • Chancing my arm at RPG book reviews, starting with Bestiary 5 for Pathfinder
  • Sharing my painting process for models outside my usual comfort zone
  • And more as ideas spring to mind.
Hopefully I'll see some of you around as I post during this year.