Sunday, 4 October 2015

Dysartes vs. The Warlock - Round 2

A little while ago, I started playing my way through The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, the first of the Fighting Fantasy books. While it has been on hold for a while, I got the urge recently to start working through it again.

These books are a simple way of playing a game by yourself - a book, some paper, a couple of dice and a pencil and you can play your way through a pre-generated roleplaying game without needing a GM or other people.

If I had the time, I'd be tempted to try to put together my own version of one of these books - 400 entries, and some way to randomly distribute them, and away you go.

When I finished my first session in the game, my character sheet looked a little like this:

Current Luck [Max]12 [12]
Current Skill [Max]10 [10]
Current Stamina [Max]16 [17]
Meals remaining9
  • 26 gold pieces
  • Bronze key with 99 engraved upon it
  • 1 use Potion of Invisibility
  • 1 black glove
  • A bow with a single silver arrow, in a case with an inscription
Spells knownDragonfire, thanks to Farrigo di Maggio

When last we saw our humble protagonist, he'd found a small armory (room reference 155). While I'd decided not to pick up the interesting shield that was on offer, it seemed like a good point to pause my game for a while. Let's resume, as my character exits the armory back into a passageway.

300I emerge from the armory, to hear screams coming from behind a metal door on the other side of the corridor. Can't really be letting that stand, so it is time to intervene.
102Surprisingly, the door isn't secured, and opening it reveals a couple of small creatures torturing a Dwarf. He collapsed just after I entered the room - not sure if he can be saved, but worth a shot - time to draw my sword and attack!
19Two Goblins with whichever weapons they have, versus me with a sword? I'm confident...

...possibly too confident, as the second one manages to stab me before I can put him down, resulting in me losing 2 points of STA.
317Unfortunately, the Dwarf has expired before I can help him. A search of the room reveals a piece of Cheese in the pockets of one of the Goblins - I'm probably not going to eat it myself, but it might prove useful later. Time to leave this torture chamber and head north.
303A large iron portcullis blocks the way ahead, with two levers sticking out of the wall next to it. Thinking back to the screaming old man, I follow his advice and pull the lever on the right.
128Fortunately, no trap is triggered, and the portcullis rumbles up into the ceiling. Yet another T-junction stands before me, and I head West.
210I pass a corridor heading North, and continue heading West.
225After continuing West for a little while, the corridor turns North. After heading on for a bit, I find a small passage heading West. Feeling curious, I try the corridor to the West.
63The already narrow passage continues to narrow. When I pause to rethink, a deep laugh starts up from the darkness. I turn back to the corridor I left.
10Having returned to the main corridor, I head North.
77And after travelling a little further, another junction turns up - whoever designed this place apparently never head of putting signs around. Spotting an alcove, I take the time to have a bite to eat (-1 Meal, +3 STA). Once I've finished, I head West.
18After heading West for a further fifty meters, the corridor heads North again. After a couple of steps North, the ground starts to crumble beneath my feet. Fortunately, I'm able to throw myself back before the pit trap opens up (passed my Test of Luck, -1 Luck). After dusting myself off, I head back to the last junction.
261Having reached the junction, I head East.
345After heading East for a short while, the passage heads North, before leading to yet another junction. Given the option of going North, or turning East into a passage which then heads North a short while later, I choose to go straight ahead
381At the end of this particular passage, there's a wooden door with iron trimmings. Following the general principle from the rest of the dungeon, I try to open the door.
84For once, a door I don't have to break down. Inside, another old man, with some small winged creature sat on his shoulder. At his gesture, I take a seat at the table.
204The old geezer asks if I'm up for a game of chance - as I've acquired a few gold pieces in my trip so far, I take him up on his challenge.
130A simple game of dice, comparing totals. After ten games, I'm 15 gold pieces up, and take my leave, and return to the last junction. I also gain 1 point of Luck for winning (as my other stats are at their maximum).
280I return to the previous junction, and this time take the passage to the East.
311The next room has an odd mosaic on the floor - hands and stars. Flipping a gold piece, I head into the room, trying to tread just on the stars.
178Having made my way carefully across the room, I make it out through the door in the north wall without incident.
162The door let me into another corridor heading North. Eventually, we run into yet another junction. With the option to head North or West, I head West.
69The corridor heads West, eventually bending around to the North and ending at a junction. Seeing an arrow inscribed in the wall next the junction, I follow it and head further North.
244The passage eventually ends at an underground river, with no further passage visible on the far side. With no other options presenting themselves, I start to swim downstream.
399Turns out I'm not so good at swimming as I thought, and the current drags me along, dropping me off on the south bank.
218Looking around the area I've washed up onto, there are a couple of options on how to cross the river to head North. I ring a bell to summon a ferry.
3Another old man clambers into a rowing boat on the north bank of the river, and rows across. When he gets to the south bank, he quotes a higher price than was shown on the sign.
272I agree to pay the higher price. The ferryman takes me to the north bank, then wanders off.
7I find myself on the north bank of the river, and pause for breath.

This seems like another good point to pause the game. My luck seems to be holding in fights, and I've managed to keep my Luck score high. Crossing that river seems like a significant obstacle out of the way, though hopefully I've not missed anything important from the southern section of the dungeon.

I'm reasonably sure I'm not taking an optimal route, but this is my first time working through the book, so I shouldn't be surprised. Next time, I'll start moving through the northern part of the Warlock's lair, and hopefully start closing in on him.

My character sheet as it stands at the end of today's session:

Current Luck [Max]12 [12]
Current Skill [Max]10 [10]
Current Stamina [Max]17 [17]
Meals remaining8
  • 38 gold pieces
  • Bronze key with 99 engraved upon it
  • 1 use Potion of Invisibility
  • 1 black glove
  • A bow with a single silver arrow, in a case with an inscription
  • A piece of sweet-smelling Cheese
Spells knownDragonfire, thanks to Farrigo di Maggio